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Cooling System Services in Miami-Dade County, FL

Your vehicle’s engine generates an incredible amount of heat. It generates so much heat that the engine’s metal would begin to melt and warp if the heat weren’t mitigated. This is why your engine has a cooling system. This system siphons off much of the excess heat, allowing your engine to operate safely without damaging itself. You can see how important this system is, and it will need regular service. We can help at Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center, local to Kendall and Palmetto Bay, Florida. Find out about our cooling system services here before scheduling an appointment at Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center near South Miami, Florida.

Coolant Fluid Flush Near The Hammocks, FL

Engine coolant fluid is a vital part of the cooling system. Also known as antifreeze, engine coolant is what absorbs the excess heat. Over time, however, the coolant will be able to absorb less and less heat, leading to less effective engine cooling. To make sure that your vehicle’s engine avoids damage, you should have the engine coolant changed regularly. At Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center, we generally recommend having this service performed every five years or every 30,000 miles — whichever comes first.

Cooling System Inspection Near Cutler Bay, FL

The cooling system in your vehicle consists of multiple components. When the engine warms up, the thermostat releases coolant into the engine. After picking up heat, the coolant fluid moves through coolant hoses towards the radiator. The combination of airflow and a greater surface area in the radiator causes the heat to dissipate; the radiator fan also helps when your vehicle is not in motion. Once the coolant has shed its heat, it moves through the coolant hoses again to begin the process anew. If your engine is running too hot, our technicians can inspect this entire system to find the source of the problem. They will then let you know the best way to move forward.

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Schedule Cooling System Service at Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center

Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center is your source for Exxon Mobil Certified service in Miami-Dade County, Florida. You can trust our certified technicians and high-quality components when you come here for cooling system service. Schedule your cooling system service over the phone or use our online service scheduler to find the day and time that work best with your busy schedule. We look forward to helping you keep your engine in good shape here at Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center.

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