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Brake Fluid Exchange Service at Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center

Modern vehicles are outfitted with a stunning array of safety and driver assistance features, all designed to make every drive safer. No matter how many advanced features your vehicle has, the brakes are still some of the most important for keeping you safe– and your brake system will need to have its brake fluid exchanged at regular intervals. When that time comes, we invite you to make your way to Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center, local to Kendall and Palmetto Bay, Florida. You can find out more about brake fluid flushes on this page or simply make the drive from Cutler Bay, Florida, to visit us.

The Purpose of Brake Fluid

Your vehicle’s braking system relies on hydraulic brake fluid to function at its best. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake fluid greatly amplifies that force and transfers it to the brake calipers. These then squeeze together, causing the brake pads to push against the brake rotors. This, in turn, slows your vehicle down or brings it to a stop.

The Necessity of Regular Brake Fluid Exchanges

Brake fluid is what is known as a hygroscopic fluid. Put simply; this means that it tends to attract moisture. As time passes, more moisture accumulates in the brake fluid. This causes it to be less effective. To keep yourself and your passengers safe, it’s best to have the brake fluid exchanged regularly.

Brake Fluid Flush Intervals Near The Hammocks, FL

We recommend that you have your brake fluid changed every 30,000 miles or every two years — whichever comes first. When you come to ​Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center for a brake fluid flush service, our technicians will drain the old brake fluid, replacing it with Exxon Mobil Certified brake fluid for long-lasting, high-quality performance. Depending on your braking habits, you may need to have it changed more often; contact us, and our experts can help you figure out the best schedule.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Schedule Brake Fluid Exchange Service in Miami-Dade County, FL

When your vehicle is nearly due for a brake fluid exchange, schedule your service appointment at Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center. We guarantee high-quality, efficient service, and we work with all makes and models. You can make your appointment online or by calling our service center. We look forward to helping you here at Mobil 1 Car Care℠ Center, serving South Miami, Florida.

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